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Signing Contract
Faded Conference Table

 My accomplishments during my tenure at the City of Anderson include lobbying for $2 million to start the downtown revitalization effort, the Kennedy Street School tax credit renovation project, the City’s Citizen Academy Program, and starting the City’s first-time homebuyer program and $5 million in federal money to redevelop around the city’s D.B. Walker Park.  I along with my team were responsible for securing over $576,000 in funding for a mixed-income housing development.  Other successes are the housing rehab program and the John Sasso Award for Community Development. My staff and I coordinated the $3.5 million project that brought in nonprofit developer Nehemiah Corp. to renovate a school built in 1910 and turn it into affordable housing for seniors and the disabled.  The school is listed on the U.S. Register of Historic Places and now boasts 46 apartments. 

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